H50h 1.05 Facts: Girls’, Boys’ and Geeks’ Issues

This epi illustrates the issues that happen when girls, boys and geeks meet in shifting combinations.

Geek-Meets-Whoever Issues

Introducing Ma(r)x, who doesn’t respond to hello, walks like a motorised mouse and talks in a stream of consciousness. I just fell in love, platonically. Also, he doesn’t trust phones and hates people fiddling with his equipment. Yep, I’m in love. And your junk is safe with me,       Ma(r)x, I said I love you platonically.

Boy-Meets-Boy Issues

With all due respect to Ma(r)x’s equipment, I’d prefer borrowing McG’s equipment instead. He clearly carries some nice tools in his pants. I mean, on his belt. Also, he’s obviously in need of a personal assistant to pat him down on request. *raises hand to volunteer* I’m thorough and I always double-check.

Girl-Meets-Girl Issues

Cat just spent a night with god. At least that’s what she called him, which kept Mary awake. Mary promises to out-god Cat later and now plans to spend the night with a TV remote. At least that’s what she claims the batteries are for. Kono spends the night undercover, apparently drunk, drugged and dead.

Pet-Meets-Perp Issues

The non-Caucasian brothel-keeper is my fav criminal. She’s smart and knows her Miranda. She’s nice and I imagine she knits socks at leisure for her girls. She’s affectionate and exchanges her lap dog’s life for waiving her Miranda. Kono gives the dog a new lap and a new home, on which McChin go whaaat?

Girl-Meets-FOY Issues

Each girl who is 12 or older knows that the FOY has majik powers. A mere thought of the FOY makes a girl smile. A mere promise of the FOY makes a girl abuse government equipment and feel justified about it. A mere proximity to the FOY make a girl instantly pregnant with multiplets. I dare not even imagine further.

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16 thoughts on “H50h 1.05 Facts: Girls’, Boys’ and Geeks’ Issues

  1. I loved that moment when we met Max. Masi did a great job with making Max really awkward. And loved the “Oh hello”. And Steve and Danny looking like what’s wrong with this guy? LOL


    1. ^^ Absolutely!! “Oh hello” LOL! ^^ I love awkward Max so much that I’m now watching another show, called Heroes, solely for Masi Oka, who plays there a similarly awkward character. He’s just a genius for this type of roles.

      I have a professor like this: he distrusts computers and ends conversations simply by turning on his heel and leaving the room without as much as saying bye. Also, he’s a genius, which explains a lot. I love this kind of people (and I’m blamed for being one of them) 🙂 …


  2. Your writing is hilarious, I screamed out loud while laughing, thanks! “Cat spent the night with god!” my fav! Steve, Danno and the black-light, I love Steve’s sincere laugh! Max is Max, really, adorable in his own way!
    Do you want to know what excites me the most about this post? (Yes you do 😆 ) The white something that steals it’s way to my almost unbelievable eyes when he flashes his badge! Steve and his frkn hot long fingers being anywhere near the FOY is breathtaking!


    1. Thank you, I’m pleased to please! This was an epi with many funny moments, so I just put them together 🙂 .

      Aaww, I LOVE that it’s me what excites you most about this post!! J/k! I thought you might like the badge pointing gif. The badge was not the reason why I included it. #WhiteFTW!


    2. LOL!! that is the first thing I saw too, That little peek of the Whities 😉 Who cares about the badge, or the gun on the belt. It’s the Whities and his fingers 😉
      I love this episode, one of my favourites.
      Max is great, neat introduction to him! We get a Steve giggle, and then we see Steve using the computer table, but the best is when Danny checks Steve’s pulse at the bar to check if he is alive after the girls are checking him out!! Steve ignores the girls and smiles at Danny! 🙂 He is happy 🙂


      1. Steve’s smile makes all of us happy and FOYful 😉 That’s why I like Danno very much, he educes Steve’s smiles best!


        1. Danno gets the Steve smiles, but the sparkle in Steve’s eyes are reserved for Cath!! In season 2 when Cath is in his office facing away, Steve is talking to Lori, looks up and sees her.. the sparkle!! Love that look! 🙂


          1. Your sooooo right, his eyes sparkle in that scene! Sometimes I think it must be very hard “to act” for this sparkle, it looks so much real to me!


          2. Buttercup, I think it can’t be ACTED, it just IS. Unfff.

            Also, am I drunk or are the comments here drunk? Because they seem to be lining up in such random manner that I have no clue who is answering to what anymore 😦


          3. Sparkling eyes! S€xy eyes! *sigh* Sadly, I don’t recall this particular scene, maybe because I was distracted by asking myself WHY IS LORI or maybe, and more likely, because I’m getting senile. Which is actually a good reason to rewatch 😀 !


          4. Oh shucks *snaps fingers* You need a reason for a re-watch, It’s Steve, you don’t need a reason!
            The other scene is when Steve sees Cath in the park, and picks the flower for her. The looks he gives her!
            I am not a shipper person but I like Steve and Cath together 🙂


          5. Ontlls, I take pride in me being a reasonable person, so I always like to invent a reason 😯 . J/k!! Of course I’d rewatch anytime for McReasons 🙂 !

            Aaww, the flower scene!! That I do remember. *sigh* Paula giffed this scene so beautifully the other day, so that’s where I’d go to rewatch it 🙂 .


      2. Was there a gun on the belt, too? *scrolls up to check* Oh, I can see now, I never noticed earlier. I was VERY distracted when making the gif.

        Steve giggling is a win anytime! It’s so genuine 🙂 . And Steve interacting with Danno is what makes me giggle anytime. Yep, Steve “almost appears to be happy” 😀 !


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