The Dashboard Gets a Beautiful Makeover

(Un)dear WordPress, the next time you rehaul your administration design, please consider the mental health of people with intolerance to changes. Dear Reader, if you won’t hear of me for a while, it’s coz I’m a person with intolerance to changes and I’m currently doing this:

*     and this:        and this:       #MarnovRIP

The Blog

Every day, you blog, you create, and you make things with your site. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the code that runs gets updated dozens of times a day, as we deploy improvements. While you can’t see the vast majority of those changes, there is one improvement we can’t wait for you to see: a brand-new, redesigned dashboard featuring better contrast and the lovely Open Sans typeface.

Back in April, I shared our goals for the dashboard redesign:

  • It should have a simple, uncluttered design; free of excessive decoration and focused on your content.
  • It should use webfonts for modern, legible typography that’s consistent in every browser.
  • It should have a responsive design that’s tailored to desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • It should do all this while retaining the familiar, user-tested dashboard interface that millions of users already understand.

We’ve redrawn all the icons, opened…

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4 thoughts on “The Dashboard Gets a Beautiful Makeover

  1. 😆
    When some new feature appear, I always blame Paula for fiddling with things or myself for doing something stupid that caused the change……


    1. 😀 I also first blamed myself, then my laptop and then I noticed the above article where WP victoriously announces the change. *snort* I’m typing this from the depths of my despair. 😥


    2. Was so busy at work yesterday, didn´t notice the change till later at home. I like the new look. Much more vibrant and clearer to look at 🙂


      1. Good on you! I actually preferred the muted colours and the smaller typeface of the old version. But I’m surely in the minority and also I may have hurt my head while bashing it against the wall for so long.


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