A Quickie with H50h 1.05 Steve and the City

Guess what I did: I took a city and a Steve and made them one. (˅ Look ˅ !) Guess what I’ll do next: I’ll take me and Steve and do the same thing. (> I’ll keep you posted! >)

S3x and the city. I mean, Steve and the city.

6 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 1.05 Steve and the City

  1. I don’t watch Sex-and-the-city but I LIKE Steve-and-the-city and I could watch for hours 😉 !
    Sex-and-the-Marnov2205, I can’t wait :ol: !


    1. Oh, I don’t watch S.x and the City either – I might start watching if they replace the female cast by a male cast. Also, no need for concern, there will definitely be no post “S.x and Marnov” really, since I found out that I could not put Steve and myself together without a 3D-printer 😦 .


  2. Welcome to the dark side Marnov. Now that you have figured out how to relocate Steve, you won´t be able to stop. Shirtless Steve will appear in bedrooms and on tropical deserted beaches…that´s how he pops up on my screen 🙂


    1. Steve and my photoshop till my laptop’s death do us part? Sounds both scary and attractive 😀 . I think that my ultimate fantasy is pantsless Steve in the Scottish National Library. And please don’t laugh at me 😉 .


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