H50h Classic Pic(k)s: Deleted from the Pilot

Steve attends a funeral, Mary pops pills and baddie Hesse rises from the ocean like phoenix from the ashes.

Chinchin: A Thieving Thief Who Thieves?

The McSiblings are burying McPapa. McBro is wearing his “Seeerious-Businesss”-Face. Oh. And his blue dress. Chinchin is cool and hot in a suit. Except Chinchin is scared by former fellow HPD uniforms, who think he’s dirty. While he’s clearly clean-shaven and washed.

{Click pics to enlarge.}

Mary: Papa’s Perfect Little Girl (in Her Fashion)

The minister’s funeral speech leaves me totally untouched. Not because I’m cynical but because I don’t speak Hawaiian. McG-Spot eyes€xes the coffin, mahalos the minister and grabs Mary, who appears low-spirited to me but high-spirited on a happy pill to McG .

Mary: You know what? It’s a skill, you know. Starting a conversation this badly. How about, “Hi, little sister. How’s L.A.? How’s work?” Like a person.

Steve: You came to his funeral high.

Mary: I took something to relax a little bit, okay? … Why do I have to justify myself to you?

Steve: I don’t know, Mary, maybe because I’m the one who let dad go to his grave believing that you were his perfect little girl. I’m the one you called when you went to rehab, I’m the one you called when you got arrested.… How’s L.A.?

Mary: Traffic sucks.

Steve: How’s work?

Mary: I got fired.

{*jumping in* Me: Mary, CALL ME!! I LOVE YOU. Steve, ditto.}

McG-Spot: That Is All (*sigh*) (*more sighs*)

The McSiblings do a brainstorming. Topic: Who T F was McPapa to them? Ideas: A stranger who made them and then shipped them off. A weirdo who named his seedling Steven and then called him Champ. A guy who got himself killed. Nooo, seriously: McPapa = Ohana.

Mary: You’re gonna get the guy that killed him, aren’t you? Well, do me a favour. Hurt him.

Steve: [Says nothing. Eyes€xes the horizon. Cut.]

{*jumping in* Me: Hey, Mary, check out my gif below to see! Also, CALL ME!!}

Hesse: Killered and Resurrected (the B@stard)

Steve does Mary’s biding and hurts Hesse. Steve = the best bro ITWWW. Except I don’t want him. Don’t want him for a bro. I wanna lick the red stuff impersonating blood from his face and elsewhere. (Hope it’s strawberry syrup.) And then hug him with my thighs. Obvi. Where was I? Here: McG takes a FTTF (Fist to the Face) and returns it with vengeance.


8 thoughts on “H50h Classic Pic(k)s: Deleted from the Pilot

  1. The very first moment I saw Taryn M on screen as Mary, I was thinking she (T.M.) has a drug problem. Not just because of this scene, but to me her entire being appears drugged. Speaking of which, that tiny pill popping smiley looked so funny LOL
    Ps The man in the uniform looks delicious. I want a piece of that!


    1. I also first felt there was something strange about Taryn/Mary, but I couldn’t pin it down. Now she seems to me as someone who hides her vulnerability behind a bad-girl pose.

      The pill popping smiley is me who just popped a toffifee candy in my mouth. About the same intensity of experience.

      P.S. If you want a piece of the uniform, you’re welcome to have the full dress. I’ll keep the man. Obvi. 😀


  2. Nice nice nice! I like Mary, because she seems so real. This is how a girl could easily turn out if she went through all the problems that her parents caused. Not everyone would make the best of it and turn into Super SEAL. I am, of course, EXTREMELY glad that Steve did turn into BAMF Super SEAL Steven who looks delicious in and out of his uniform and became besties with my Danny. I will be forever grateful for that.


    1. ^^ What you said! ^^ Mary is indeed a plausible character and also the contrast between her and her brother is nicely done. I will be forever grateful for her not being simply a good girl because that would bore me to my untimely death. On the other hand, just imagine that Steve could have been a baddie and Danno would be after him!! I’d like that, too!


  3. Mary is just cool 😉 very spacy and freakish but T.M. played it so well you just have to like her! Making it through her teens year without parents and brother must have been very hard, I wonder whom she stayed with! I like her and her different naive stories (diamonds, Morty) Although her skirt for the funeral was rather short 😉 !
    I’m also extremely glad that Steve has become the BAMF-Super-Seal we all love and admire 😉 ! I miss Joe White, he was somehow nice and made Steve have somebody to as close as a parent!


    1. You have a good point with Mary’s naïve stories!

      Now, was her skirt for the funeral too short? LOL I dunno, I was just wondering all the time if it’s deliberate that the dress fits her so poorly or if it’s an oops. Also, thank you for enabling me to discuss a funeral scene in terms of clothes 😀 …

      GI Joe!! Ha! I love the bald man 🙂 . If I ever get to S2 in my rewatch, it will be all about the bald man! Well, maybe not all, but a lot.


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