H50hs Classic Quotes: 1.05 I Believe You Just Smiled

Danny: There’s something different about you today. You got a new haircut?
Steve: No.
Danny: New cargo pants? – What was that?
Steve: What?
Danny: I believe you just smiled. You almost appear to be happy.
Steve: You don’t think I’m a happy person?
Danny: You know, I’m sure you have your moments. Like when Guns and Ammo puts out its holiday gift guide or a Rambo retrospective comes on TV.

{*jumping in* Me: Or like when you finally CALL ME, which is long overdue.}

Dear Steve, if you wanna have one of your moments, you should get in touch with me. Like literally.

9 thoughts on “H50hs Classic Quotes: 1.05 I Believe You Just Smiled

    1. ^^ All caps agreed 🙂 ! ^^ I love most of McG/Danno discussions because it sounds so familiar – very much like me and my NotMcG having a conversation 😯 .

      NotMcG: Let’s go for a trip.
      Marnov: You know I hate trips.
      NotMcG: You hate everything.
      Marnov: Not true, I love my cats.
      NotMcG: You love them more than me. 😦
      Marnov: Well, they’re my fave people, y’know. 😉

      I suspect McDanno’s carguments have been plagiarised from my household.


  1. LOVED this episode too. LOVED that Steve finally got some. Steve needs to get some more often. And since it can’t be me, I will live (and lust) vicariously through Cath!!!


    1. Haha, true dat!! More Barry White for Steve, if only to make him smile more often 🙂 . How unselfish I am.

      Also, I can neither confirm nor deny that I share your Cath projection issues. Line forms to the right 😉 >>>


  2. Beautiful, I love the McRoll relationsship, no fancy stories or cheatings, just a secure friendship with ups and downs for a very long time! You can see (here already season1.05) he deeply cares for her! Loved the bromance in this ep! Was there also the dinner-cooking part while looking for the satelite?? 😆


    1. Yep, it’s the episode we learn that Cat is perfect in thief catching, government equipment abusing AND COOKING. The cooking part was a bit over the top for me, but I’m biased because I never ever cook… 😯


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