Seeerious Research (Somewhat): H50h “Legacy”

Seeerious stuff is best served with a saucy side dish. The main course here are the quotations transcribed from the “Legacy” feature on the DVD; the side dish are my somewhat frivolous sidenotes. I think this is called popularising science. Or scientifying popular TV? Also, I’m boring myself to death right now 🙄 .

Raw and Vulnerable

Alex Kurtzman (producer): The first thing that Alex brings to the role is real credibility when it comes to leadership…. There’s also something very raw and vulnerable about Alex and I think that makes him human and accessible.

*jumping in* Me: ^^ THIS ^^ ACA!!

Warm and Fuzzy

Roberto Orci (producer): And then the hardest part … is when you’re doing the kind of genre comedy-action, where the stakes are real, but the characters are warm and they’re funny, they banter. Doing that right is tricky.

*jumping in* Me: Scott’s furry chest always makes me feel warm and funny. Alex’s anything always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. That much to wordplay. Now, will you please remove your clothes off your anything so that we could play for real 😛 ?

Apex and Climax

Question: So this is the beginning of a powerful relationship here?
Alex: Right here?
Scott: The beginning? You caught us in the middle.
Alex: You’re in the middle. You’re at the apex of it.
Scott: Yeah.
Alex: Can a relationship have an apex?
Scott: I think so, yeah.
Alex: I think this one does.

*jumping in* Me: I dunno about your relationship, but ours would sooner have a climax than an apex. You’re welcome to check on this fact anytime. And double check. And triple check. Andcetera.

Action Hero

Peter Lenkov (producer): I felt like Alex is an action hero. And I remember seeing Alex in that full-dress uniform with the hat, and Len and I looked at each other and said, “That’s our guy.”

*jumping in* Me: Who T F is Len?? But more important, Dear Atplenkov, I appeal to you as the producer to produce Alex also other than fully dressed, so as to enable him to display the full extent of his assets. Acting assets, that is. 😈 *cough cough cough*


14 thoughts on “Seeerious Research (Somewhat): H50h “Legacy”

  1. I hope @plenkov will listen to you Marnov,and give us some nekkid Steve. Maybe he’ll come to his senses and get his act together.


    1. LOL! Thank you for approving of my explicit suggestions 😀 ! I feel validated. On the other hand, I’m convinced that Atplenkov is a smart person who knows exactly what he’s doing – which is, being a teasing tease who teases. No h8.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! A bit different than the usual, I feared it might be a bit boring 😮 .

      The extra features from the DVDs should be on YouTube, but buying the DVDS is worth it, I think 😉 .

      P.S.: The short interview with Alex and Scott together, talking about the apex, is a must-see: Alex keeps on chewing on his gum hilariously and the two speak practically simultaneously LOL 🙂 …


        1. Oh, I remember seeing most of the extra features on YouTube prior to getting my DVDs, but it sucked to find it there 😦 . Maybe some of the vids got deleted, too. Hope you’ll enjoy the DVDs as much as I do 😉 !!


  2. I agree with you in everything 😆 ! Very funny said! Thanks!
    The dvd’s is worth buying, just because to hear their funny original voices! I LOVE Alex voice, it’s the best ever !


    1. Absolutely! I hate dubbing on TV, and anyway, if I watched H50h on my regional TV channel, I would be still in Season 1! We’re v v backwards here 😦 .


  3. I have to add, Alex is def a action hero, the way he moves with a gun and enters a room 😉 the guy is either a naturel or a very good actor! BOTH! He moves like a cop and he acts like a cop! I’m so glad I started watching H5O!


    1. He is an action hero if there’s one! He gives the impression of a very active person and we know that he is one, so it’s probably natural to him and easy to act. But we also know that he’s a helluva actor capable of incorporating radically different roles believably… *steps down from soapbox*


      1. Alex is a great Actor, great. I have watching him in action show – H50 and Moonlight, and watched him in drama – “Three Rivers” and “Back-up Plan” he is multi-talented in his acting. Love every role he plays!


          1. And the fangirls of the world unite 😀 … It’s good to see that this obsession is perfectly normal and that we’re not uniting in a psychiatrist’s office.


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