A Quickie with H50h 1.03 Cloud 9 Steve

Let’s play a word association game: Steve. Blue. Sky. Me. Cloud nine.

Am I dead and this is heaven?

19 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 1.03 Cloud 9 Steve

  1. LOL!! Thanks for the giggle! LOL!!

    Steve – Gorgeous – Me – Oh my..[img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/SueCanada989/Smileys/th_Bigfaint01.gif[/img]


          1. Oh I see what you did here!! We were thinking along the same lines with “game” 🙂 !

            Except my RL game now is some seeerious business to do, so I’m not keeping up with your comments 😦 . Shortly, I’ll be on hiatus 😥 .


  2. I haven’t mentioned the eyebrow-porn lately 😆 and that I love it very Very VERY much!
    I just can’t help but I love the blue (best when Steve’s in it)!


        1. I never see it just it as blue…… he always wears different shades fo blue to, so it is new and pretty to me all the time and I see it as a different colour……what can I say…..I am weird 😛


          1. As a weird person to another weird person, I assure you that you’re perfectly normal. If that makes any sense?

            I’m coping with my blue issues and learning to endure torture by deliberately making blue-infested posts 😀 . J/k! Kind of.

            Maybe my next post will be Fifty Shades of Grey. I mean, Fifty Shades of Blue.


          2. I have been thinking of doing something like that for a while….just to show people that they are different, but never had the time yet, to go through all the episodes again and sceencapping all the shades – maybe we should work together on one 😀


          3. Do you mean to torture me?! 😆 Mostly the shirts are different but sometimes they’re not – when the very same blue shirt appeared in three consecutive (or nearly so) episodes near the end of S3, it was the last drop of blue for me 😮 . But of course, I’m superficial. You think I’d be worthy of joining you in some seeerious research?! I fear I’m too frivolous for that 😀 …


  3. BTW, I actually made this screencap for my “Undressing” post about this episode, but in the end decided not to use it 🙂 Quite a number of things/moments of him, that catch both our eyes (you will see one spesific odd one, in the next undressing post as well!)


    1. Ha!! Now I can’t wait for your next instalment of Undressing Steve! Please don’t tease my curiosity… Also, I can’t wait for the LAST instalment – in which I hope you finally totally UNDRESS him 😉 .


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