H50h Shirtless Steve Pic Spam

Classic topless Steve all over the seasons gathered on one spot for your viewing pleasure.
S€xcited?  Let’s go to the gallery then. >>> Line forms to the right. >>> Me first, obvi.


26 thoughts on “H50h Shirtless Steve Pic Spam

  1. Oh no you didn´t just compile all of the nekkid Steve in one post! It is a NO-NO! No-one left to view the future posts anymore…u deaded us all…


      1. True. Now I recall the post. I’m not deliberately copying you, it’s just that everything has been already done before 🙂 … Your research stories are classics.


        1. This is not copying at all!! 🙂 This is good and short, having them all “summarised”, so to speak!
          Just reminding Paula that we have had all his naked stuff together all at once.
          And thinking of a new stories as well…..always thinking…..sigh
          Although we hardly have had any shirtless moments in S3 and they did a better job with the scar looking the same every time…or maybe not – I’ll need to research! 😀


          1. Oh yes, research, please!! Whatever you choose to research about Alex and/or his roles, I’m interested 🙂 .

            You have a serious overload of pretty on your site – nekkid or not – I remember it took me several weeks of *hard work* to go through all the posts when I first found your place. But now I can say I’ve seen them all. #PervPride


    1. Nooo, Paula, you’re so completely wrong about this!! Nekkid Steve can be served anytime, anyplace, in any amount and repeatedly. Ok? So will you please stop speaking from the otherworld and rise from the dead? As we already lost your laptop (RIP), we’d hate to lose you, too! 😉


  2. *Following heymomo advice, yep bookmarking this page* and what a perfect post to go to bed with. Shirtless Steve. Thank you, thank you! 🙂


  3. What a perfect post to wake u to. Just amazing i think my day will be full of hotness even if the sun is hiding. Thank you Marnov and Steve. GREAT JOB.


    1. You’re very welcome!! Maybe we should consider using sunglasses and sunblock when looking at nekkid Steve: he is so dazzling so brightens up the day 😀 !


  4. I will never EVER be tired of watching nekkid McG! WWWWwwwwowwwWWWW 😉 ! That will be my daily wake-up-and-getting-started-post!
    That nekkid Steve in bed is an all-time favourite and as much as I liked season 1, season 3 beefy SteveMcGarrett-body tops it all! I.LIKE.THEM.BIG 😉 !
    Thanks, thanks, thanks, THANKS! THANKS 😎 !


    1. LOL!! Nekkid Steve brings out so much passion 😛 ! You’re welcome 😀 !

      Also, I’m with you on this, as the classic saying goes: girls like ’em big.


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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