A Quickie with H50h 1.01 McMary

That awkward moment when dialogue is a scooter. Shh, let’s just stare silently.

*grabs popcorn and stares*

19 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 1.01 McMary

    1. OMG!! Paula, I love your sense of humour 😉 ! Alex the scooter, haha… 😀 I’d say the uniform here is the scooter if I didn’t fear that everyone would start throwing shoes at my head. Whatever.

      P.S. I can take no credit for the smileys, I’m stealing all of them from freesmileyes.org…


  1. Seriously Marnov, MEN-IN-UNIFORM do all kind of beautiful things to my mind! Before I watched H5O I was addicted to JAG (David James Elliott plays that hot lt.commander HarmonRABB, and he’s a PILOT too) ….where ….was …..I 😉 ???
    Uniforms with Steve in it, perfect! Look at his hands and fingers crossed, we can only see the shades of his eyes and we still go *ahhhhh* and *ohhhhhh*!
    It’s his mouth and nose stealing the audience today 😉 ! Thanks, and sorry (too looooong!) I could go on for hours!


    1. All I remember from JAG was that the protagonist was night-blind like me 😯 . But it was an extremely popular series here, too.

      Steve’s nose does steal the show here, apparently, he is eyes.xing his cap from inside 😀 . Also, feel freeee to go oooon as loooong as you will 😉 !


      1. Oh thanks for helping me up 🙂 but I think I’ll stay on the floor. Everytime I see such a great pic, I go down. Uhm, down to the floor 😉 Maybe I need some pillows 🙂


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