H50hs Classic Quotes: 1.05 It’s a Strategic Op

Danny: Can I ask what we’re doing here?
Steve: I swear to God, you ask me that again, I’m gonna shoot you.
Danny: Then shoot me. Seriously, shoot me. I’m not taking another step until you explain it to me again.
Steve: I’ve explained it three times.
Danny: Which is an indication of how ridiculous this detour is.
Steve: Not a detour. It’s a strategic op.
Danny: A strategic op? That’s amazing. You know, what I like most is how you were able to say that with a straight face.

Disbelieving Danno. – Mischievous Steve.

Steve: So, what’s the problem?
Danny: The problem is Levi Parker and Diego Stone. They are the problem. Yet, we are going to the Tropics Bar at Hilton Hawaiian Village to talk to the president of a surf club….
Steve: On this island, there’s an easy way to do things and a hard way. With the Kapu, talking to Kawika before we go after Levi and Diego is the easy way.
Danny: Ah. So, what’s throwing somebody in a shark tank, and then hanging another guy off a roof?
Steve: Those guys were from out of town.
Danny: You’re a sick person, you know that?
Steve: In the best possible way, though, right?
Danny: No, no, not in the best possible way. In a very terrible way.

Disgusted Danno. – Amused Steve.

18 thoughts on “H50hs Classic Quotes: 1.05 It’s a Strategic Op

  1. That “I’m gonna shoot you” quote is another of my favorites! Just classic Steve and Danny! Along with “Those guys were from out of town.” LOL!!!! :mrgreen:


    1. Loved the “those guys were from out of town” comment…and he was so seeeeerious when he said it! Bwaahaha! Is this the “i’m gonna shoot you’ where he makes the shooting gesture with his hand? LOL!! funny!


    2. S1 classic! *sigh* “Those guys were from out of town” was the perfect conclusion of the dialogue – I remember laughing so hard when I first watched this one that I totally lost track of the plot. This must have been before I stopped watching for plot anyway. 😉


  2. I just love these arguments of season 1.I just hope that will be more like those in the new season and a less irritating Danny, because in this season he really annoyed me.Steve is always so patient trying to explain things to his partner even when he has to make him see that he have made a fool of himself like in “The Game” with his fantasy football and the look on Steve’s face when he tell his that he “is a real life imbecile” cracked me up.


    1. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Danny since S1. I didn’t always find his ranting funny…almost stopped watching the show, actually very early on because of it. But it lightened up and I lightened up. Agree about s3 being bad though. What worried me most about s3 was Steve calling Danny an imbecile in the pro bowl episode. I thought that if they started bringing Steve down to that level also, it would be a disaster. One of them has to think the ranting/albeit alternately adorable and annoying is funny. If they both sink into the name calling then it will be a tragic loss in my book. I hope in S4 they can find the right balance.


      1. Like a marriage with ups and downs although with Steve “ups and downs” are different 😉 !
        I like the light-hearted stuff, like when Danny says in 3.02 “veste please, I need a veste”, Kono’s and Steve’s face priceless!
        I don’t like the low stuff either, should be funny but not hurting! Because Danny used to say “You.Need.Help.And.I.Will.Pay” it kinda sounded with affection!


        1. Danny asking for the Kevlar, yesss, that was a good one 😆 ! Show has a great cast to work with, it would be a shame to waste the actors’ potential, so hopefully Writers stop drinking and start writing. No h8. 😉


      2. The “imbecile” thing quite startled me, I thought I misheard. But I also thought that it was just me being too sensitive to people calling each other names. Well, let’s forget this, ehm, lapse into the gutter, and hope for a great S4! 🙂


    2. Season 1 was clearly the most light-hearted one – in terms of Danno/Steve arguments, in terms of everything. Writers were somewhat struggling in S3, but I realise how incredibly hard it must be to write a funny argument for almost each episode. Let’s hope S4 will be the best!


  3. YES, KIWI, how we love Steve’s pretty face when Danny has his “moments”!
    I loved the first time when Steve enters Danny’s bunker appartment in 1.01 with *The Black Keys* Song, grrrrrr 😎 ! Danno wants to give Steve help, Steve does it Steve’s way, Point!


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