Status Update: Koala Happens and Hiatus Ensues

Whenever you see a koala here, be advised that something is seriously wrong. For koala is really a swear word, the meanest of its kind.

This particular koala is a notice that the site will be on a hiatus for the next at least two weeks, as I’ll be away on business and mostly offline.


17 thoughts on “Status Update: Koala Happens and Hiatus Ensues

  1. I don´t want to look at that wet koala for the next two weeks! You need to post the prettiest Alex or Steve as your “hiatus” pic 🙂


    1. True!! Sorry 😦 , please forgive me for I have no clue what I’m doing. I may try to fix his ugly wet koala issue before I’m gone but I don’t promise I’ll make it… So if I don’t, just scroll down on the home page 🙂 !


  2. Gone for Two weeks, and mostly off-line. How will you survive with no Alex or Steve?? Good luck. Be safe! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the good wishes, I’ll need that!! 🙂 How I’ll survive? Well, I think I’ll pretend I’m in a SEAL School in the process of being trained to learn to endure torture. 😉


  3. Enjoy your offline-Training! And thanks for all the cool stuff you post! I don’t know how to survive without your Quickies 😦 I’m with Paula here, pls do a nice Steve Smile for your hiatus, so we can feast on it daily until you’re back! 😆


    1. I bet it takes 3 days until you’re back here, you’re an addict you know that 😥 !! (and we all love you for THAT!)


      1. I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen 😥 , I’m travelling with my other laptop, which is more travel size, and there’s nothing but work in it *sigh* . So like I say, play nice and see you later! 🙂


  4. Marnov!!! You know how much time it takes to run a website, especially a daily one…sometimes I get really bogged down in tunnel vision and forget to get out and support everyone else as much as you all support me (bad ESS), so I missed this post when it first came out! the past few days I started worrying that I hadn’t seen you!! Then I couldn’t find your blog, I realized I didn’t have it linked on my homepage (BAD ESS) which I thought I did…sigh. Well I found you and found this. sooooo happy to hear it’s only a work thing and that you’ll be back. You were missed. ❤

    I'm going to go fix that link thing right now!


    1. ESS!! *jumping up and down and waving* I’m so sorry to be the cause of your confusion! You actually noticed my absence? LOL! I didn’t think anyone would. *sends air hearts*

      I’ll have a whole lot of posts to catch up with at your place and elsewhere! I can’t wait 😀


    1. I miss you too! *sad face* But I’m back to posting tomorrow! *happy dance* I can’t wait to catch up with what you guys were up to on the other AOL blogs 😀 !


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