H50h 1.06 Reimagined: Finding Marnov

Hey. It’s about Marnov today. The COTW is a McPerv lost.

  1. Has she been kidnappered (and squeezed in a car trunk)?
  2. Has she been arrested (most probably for indecent exposure of the FOY)?
  3. Did she emigrate to Hawaii (it’s not like anyone could blame her)?

Marnov Amber Alert has been called and Steve has under 43 minutes to solve the case.

Time-Mark 03.35

Steve: Anyone seen her? She’s about this tall blahblahblah. *describing Marnov*

106_001Gesture (2)
Steve inquires.

Time-Mark 03.20

Steve: I need her to bite my lips for me coz I can’t stand doing it myself. *bites his lips*

Steve claricas.

Time-Mark 11.12

Steve: Oh, I spy, I spy! I must move my fine a$$ or else she may die without her McFix. *moves dat a$$*

106_006Spyglass (2)
Steve investigates.

Time-Mark 14.12

Steve: Ha!! Is that her panties hanging from the tree here? I hear that ladies’ panties gravitate towards the FOY. *panty flag waving*

Steve got a lead.

Time-Mark 36.55

Steve: Aaww, Marnov, I found you!! – Marnov: Yessir, you did. Now you got 06.05 minutes left to drop your pants and save me. *happy ending*

Steve saves Marnov and the day.

19 thoughts on “H50h 1.06 Reimagined: Finding Marnov

    1. Yep, I also wonder how I managed a two-week rehab, but now I’m going to spend A LOT of time catching up to feed my addiction! *off to catch up* Also, glad to see you again!!


    1. Hi Ontlls *waving frantically*, it’s good to be back!! After so long without my McFix, my health is very frail and it would surely benefit from the power of the FOY. So the pants dropping is more like doctor’s orders 😉 !


    1. Sooo nice to see you!! *sending air hearts* The two weeks off were so long that their length could be measured by the FOY. Very very long, that is. And hard, too. #justsayin


    1. Thanks!! I had to keep on jumping up & down a lot, though, for Steve to spot and find me… 😉

      On an unrelated note, I was browsing a bit through your blog the other day and enjoyed it – I wish you the strength to manage well your health affliction (which is similar to mine)…


    1. Hey, thanks for the welcome!! Oh yes, you can give it a try, I’d certainly send Steve in search of you, and maybe you’d be even able to make him finally REMOVE.HIS.PANTS 😉 ! Coz I’m as shallow as that…


      1. I could join you on the search, when as soon as we found super steve we make him pull off his shirt, to have HIM shirtless, F!NALLY!!!


          1. Sorry! I could’t help!!!!!
            But i missed you!
            (And since shortly i have a smartphone, so i can perv every free minute!!)


    1. Hi Magali!! Nice to see a new face! Sooo glad you’re enjoying this place 🙂 ! That is, until you find out that I’m really a very unfunny person 😉 …


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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