H50h 1.06 Animated (Mostly)

I hear there was plot in this epi. But it could be just an urban legend. What there was, however, are multiple enjoyable rides involving Steve. Also involved is a scooter, a Camaro and a surfboard.

Plot is the Suspect

In this scene, McG was trying to talk the computer on the wall into giving him some answers. This is when I suspected there was plot. But then McG smiled a little and I forgot all about it.

Scooter Ride: Warp 8

The first of this epi’s rides was long, fast and wild. Also sweaty and dirty. And determined and goal-driven. Like all that McG does. When he puts such passion into riding a scooter, how much would he put into riding a NotScooter? Like me? #justaskin

Trekking as in Star Trek

McChin were trekking somewhere and tracking someone. That would be me coz I’m always lost. The first day after I moved into this village with five and a half inhabitants (including me) in it, I got lost in a barren field. #truestory

Camaro Ride: Warp 9

McDanno were pursuing someone. That wouldn’t be me coz I’d never run from them. Nor would I ever run at all, for that matter. I’m saving my strength for another long and wild McRide, for your info. Coz that’s obvi how McG has it. And I’m having what he’s having, y’know.

Surf(er) Ride: Warp Core Overload

Kono was about to get lucky. But then she didn’t. Kono’s surfing and s€xing partner looks like he’s twelve. Either he’s ridiculously young or I’m ridiculously old. I’d surely kick him out of bed: if not for eating crackers, then out of fear he’s underage. #justsayin


8 thoughts on “H50h 1.06 Animated (Mostly)

  1. I really hope i never get tired of all those crazy Mcgarrett faces!! Just those ones when he drives, either camarro or scooter!!! If anybody else doesn’t get tired, we hopefully have steve for many more seasons!!!


  2. Great work on that riding the bike gif!
    I keep however laughing at that face, not sure he looks at his best with that mouth overly “serious-business” 😉


  3. Pure determination on that face while riding ….it seems that he really takes his riding seriously! (although OF showed us a little bit of a “happier” face while riding 😛 )


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