H50h 1.06 Facts: McG’s Eyes€xing, Danno’s Stick Poking (and False Advertising)

This post involves Danno’s stick, his tongue and, as per uge, the pompadour. Also, beware, Steve ahead.

Finding Nemo Danno

Danny is so tiny that he gets lost easily. Pic 1: ‘Where could he go on this pineapple-infested island?’ wonders Steve. Pic 2: ‘Could he have attempted to swim ashore to reach civilisation?’ wonders Chin. Pic 3: ‘There he is! Drinking Blue Hawaii in the Tropics Bar!’ smiles McSmile.

Fun (for Some) with Ess

Pic 1: Danno is emo. *sniff* Pic 2: Steve s€xes Danno with his eyes. Now THAT would cheer a dead person up. *snort* Pic 3: Miraculously, Danny conjures up something like a smile. Chin is mildly amused. McG’s face I can’t see for I’m staring at his a$$ planted on Ess aka the majik table. *snicker*

Blue Blue Hawaii

Pic 1: Danno: You want me to drink and pay for this blue stuff?? Pic 2: Kavika: You took from us a gazillion islands, that’s the least you can do! – McG: *smile* Pic 3: McG: Kavika is a big kahuna of the kapu. – Danno: Sorry, my universal translator just stopped translating. Whaaat?!

Danno Has Issues (as per Uge)

Pic 1: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Danno’s tongue is an object in mirror. Hence it is closer than it appears. *looks around* Nope, nothing. That’s false advertising, ya b@stards! Pic 2: Danno’s pompadour is p!ssed off. *runs and ducks* Pic 3: Danno’s tongue, shirt and mood are all blue in unison.

Simply McDanno

Pic 1: Danno is thinking with his hair. Pic 2: Steve is thinking with his eyebrows. Pic 3: McDanno are watching the FUCUPs thudded in the default position on the ground. >>> Line forms to the right >>>


6 thoughts on “H50h 1.06 Facts: McG’s Eyes€xing, Danno’s Stick Poking (and False Advertising)

  1. Steve’s sitting on the camaro and still the same height as Danny, that’s what always makes me laugh about this scene, you just gotta L.O.V.E. Danno 😉 !!!
    Plus Danny getting a lession about “Island time” – priceless! Off to work, I’ll come back later for deeper commenting 😎 ! Thanks marnov, you’re fantastic!


    1. Am I fantastic?! That’s the only thing I can see in your comment, LOL! Thanks and you’re welcome 🙂 !

      I’m happy to see Danny getting some love, too! He’s great fun in S1. Yeah, “island time”, I wish I lived on an island 😎 !


  2. OMG Marnov – you’re such a poet, how on earth can you come up with that much fun? That pic spam is brilliant, absolutely adorable ….. AS.IS.THE.PERSON.OF.OUR.PERVING 😆 !!!!
    That “McG practising his very epic eyebrow action.” is so much IHH/NID and similar to “STOP.THAT.WITH.YOUR.FACE!! NO.DON’T!!”
    Life would suck without those FACES!


    1. Thank you!! *modest blush* 😳 I’m pleased to please! Of course, I know that in fact it’s not me but the adorable subject of my post 🙂 … I’m with you on that, life wouldn’t be so much fun without the IHH/NID McFaaaces 😀 !


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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