The Best of Sardonic Maha: Recapping H50h 1.03

Editorial Note

Below are selections from Prettteee Maha’s sardonic recap of H50h 1.03, slightly edited and illustrated by pics/gifs. Enjoy the full original text here. Coz it’s ultimately all about Maha, the FUCUP founding Mama and Queen. *drinks to Maha*


“[Tennis] can be played on a table and so is an activity not a sport.”  Uhm.  Danno?  The activity of sex can also be played on a table and for all intents and purposes, I would call it: a sport.  Sometimes, if lucky, it may even default into “extreme sport”.


Off skip Danno and McGarrett to find QB1 [quarterback 1] in the locker room.  Being in the locker room, it is safe to expect that McGarrett shall remove his pants.  He does not.  Audience baffled.


McGarrett is chasing QB1’s uncle through the International Marketplace in Waikiki. He stops to hug an extra.  Then he runs some more and tackles QB1’s uncle, lands on top of him legs splayed, and cuffs him.  Jesus, I would give a tit to be QB1’s uncle.  CASTING AGENTS!!  CALL ME!!


McGarrett is super excited and giggly as he finds iodine.  My God he is weird. Oh wait.  When iodine mixes with metal, it forms binary salts.  I knew that.  … McG squirts (heh) this iodine mixture onto the pizza boxes and within seconds, perfect outlines of big guns are found.  … I am (really and truly) going to try this at home, but first I have to find my local black market and buy a gun.  I think They are now tracking this site.


OHMYGOD, I have just confirmed that Alex O’Loughlin has wrinkly smile lines around his eyes; my panties make a run for the door. Kono is wearing my bathrobe and heels as she walks into the gaming area to set up.  Hiding somewhere, she takes off a shoe and pulls out an earpiece from the heel.  I want a pair of these shoes, but must find my panties first.


This trading of goods between Scott Caan and Grace Park is supremely fkn hot.  Like, SUPREMELY, because Scott Caan is all kinds of sexy and is not scared to open wide when kissing. … This scene is stressing me out something fierce and my panties just committed suicide.  Also, a threesome never looked so good.


15 thoughts on “The Best of Sardonic Maha: Recapping H50h 1.03

    1. I didn’t even notice some of these tiny details happening in the first place, LOL! Maha has a super keen eye for a funny detail. That’s a great part of what I love about her recaps 🙂 .


        1. LOL!! It wouldn’t be that bad, you’d have more Steve for yourselves, right? No, really, mostly I’m a multitasker, so I could manage both guys 😛 …


          1. “could manage both guys” 😀 !!! Ha ha ha – you don’t know what you’re talking about “honey” ! 😉
            But i love the “thought”, he he !!!


  1. Such a goofy recap and i had so much fun reading it!! I love all the tiny little detail, like the hug and the locker-room-scene “want me to bookem danno” (aol is such a comedian there)!!!
    Thanks for bringing us the good old days of s1 back!


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