H50h Classic Pic(k)s: Deleted from 1.06

Goodies taken and dialogues transcribed from the DVD extras.

Sardonic Mary

Mary is a lying liar who lies and rolls her eyes in McG’s face. Ridiculously, Mary has borrowed a floppy disk from the Champ Box – if I were a bit younger, I’d have to consult a dic(k)tionary. Floppy disk n. = an obsolete device used for data storage in the past century.

Steve: I don’t lose things, Mary. You lose things. The floppy disk, it’s evidence, Mary, in a case that dad was working on. … I need it to help figure out what he was trying to tell me.
Mary: You mean us?
Steve: What?
Mary: I’m his kid too. And I never saw a will that stated that this box was exclusively yours.
Steve: Okay, I gotta go, all right? When I get back, that disk better be back in the box. I’m serious, Mary.
Mary: You’re serious? I never knew that side of you.
{*jumping in* Me: Bazinga! Or, dun dun dun duuuuuun!!}

Emo Kono

Max is playing the piano and Kono is crying something fierce. Though these facts are not necessarily related. Maybe it’s more like that Kono is mourning the demise of her surfing father and Max is playing a funeral blues in the next room.

Hello FOY

Was there anything else besides the FOY straining against the cargo pants and stealing the show? This dialogue suggests there was:

Danny: Is that Mary?
Steve: Yeah. She stole my credit card.
Danny: You realise if you had a teenage daughter, your life would be less stressful?
Steve: Thank you very much. Get in the car.
{*jumping in* Me: My panties love it when you give orders, McBrute.}

Sidebar: If I ever thieved a credit card, a second hand comp would be the last thing I’d buy. But I guess there’s no first-hand comp that could eat the floppy disk that Bad A$$ Mary didn’t thieve.


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