H50hs Classic Quotes: 1.05 It’s Called Using the Internet

Steve: It’s a nightclub. Just sent us a link to remotely access their closed circuit feeds.
Danny: That’s very good. It’s impressive. Did you learn that in Seal School?
Steve: Yeah, it’s called using the Internet. People have been doing it since early 1990s.
Danny: I wouldn’t know, I was still playing Ms Pac Man….
Steve: Ever made it to double pretzel level?
Danny: Triple banana, b!tch.

Geek boys are having a c0ck off.

6 thoughts on “H50hs Classic Quotes: 1.05 It’s Called Using the Internet

  1. Episode 1-05 – my favourite episode. Love the interaction between McG and Danno. The best is Danno figuring out the “smile”


  2. Yep, I love those 1.05 conversations too, the smile in the beginning and the governor in the end saying “thanks” to Steve, his baffled look, jeez, he looked so sexy in the end (looks sexy all the time, anyway 😉 ) !
    Why do we have to say it in every sentence “he’s so sexy” i really feel stupid sometimes repeating myself and searching frantically for a better word than sexy, it seems so lame around him, just sexy, he’s so much more than sexy!
    I’m babbling, sorry guys!


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