A Quickie with H50h 1.24 Mugshot Steve

Booked for being too s.xy.    

A classic is a classic is a classic.

22 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 1.24 Mugshot Steve

  1. I never liked this shot. I think it must be because he is too convincing with his face, I see contempt, and that´s not a pretty sight.
    So thank god for that little dude in prison. Love the smiley, poor guy too sexy. LOL


      1. I think it could be more like contempt in general, he’s convinced the governor was a baddie and so now he suspects the whole system is corrupt, IMHO. But I’m rather confused about this one, to me the relation of the governor to WoFat and the Yakuza was never properly explained.


      2. I think like Marnov says, it´s a general feeling sort of. He´s innocent and been serving his country and then chasing criminals in his special unit and still the HPD is treating him like any other criminal. Contempt might not be the right word, but it was the one that came to mind while I tried to figure out what it is about this particular face that leaves me “cold”.


        1. I can understand now what you mean!
          It’s like the “i’ve done everything and served my country, and only tried to be a good cop, now I can’t understand why they treat me like this and put me in prison” face! The pic shows this attitude in a very short glimpse and it’s perfectly made by Alex! I think, he also “gave in” in this pic, just didn’t want to fight anymore, like let it be and wait for the “time of revenge” to come! Babbling sorry guys 😆 !


    1. That’s exactly what I like about this shot – he’s so d@mn convincing! It pleasantly scares me 🙂 . The smiley is lovely, right? And the smiley’s faaaaace!


    1. What??? hey, hey, hey!!, Danny needs to be comforted because his BFFITWWW is behind bars! You need to start with him first. *sneaks to the front of the McG line*

      On a side note….do you think this is what McG’s drivers license looks like? 🙂


      1. Hmmmm, you do have a good point. It was completely because you wanted me to comfort My Danny, I’m sure, and not so you could SNEAK to the front of the line. But I’m okay with that. *tackles Danny*


      2. Bamf attitude! I think in this shot he already changed from taskforce-friend steve to trained-he can look after himself-navyseal steve! Like when he drives the car!!


      3. Bwhaha, McG’s driving licence FTW!! If that’s what it looks like, he will never get fined for any driving offence, for the photo would scare the sh!t out of the cops!


  2. That face gave me all kinds of feeling while watching it the1st time! Jeez, the feelings come everytime i see it!
    Love the smiley! Great pic!


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