H50h 1.07 Animated (Mostly)

Was there plot or was there not? I may need to rewatch again. Solely for research purposes.

McG Loses His Shirt

The world crime rate drops by half when Steve loses his shirt. There would be no crime at all if Steve only lost his pants. Steve? Anyone??

McG Goes for a Swim

Steve suffers from pants removal anxiety, possibly because he was not held as a baby. He makes his ™Superdry Cargos superwet in the ocean, while carrying their contents in his backbag.

McG Clears the Ship

Steve makes a happy dance after infiltrating the floating museum. Miraculously, he had dried his pants. Sadly, he had put his shirt back on. Much to the dismay of the tourist-thieving wife-killer and the FUCUPs.

McG Gives Up (Apparently)

Steve gives an amateurish performance of a prostate tourist who needed to pee and got lost in the process. But he is soon discovered to be the handsome manly masculine man devil that he is.

McG Saves the World

Steve makes a little smile and the tourist-thieving terrorist, the icebergs and the FUCUPs melt. Steve shows a thumb up and he has the terrorist and the panties of the world under his thumb.

Concluding Consideration

I guess there could have been also other characters than McG. But I wouldn’t know.


8 thoughts on “H50h 1.07 Animated (Mostly)

  1. LOL!! What other people?? Was there anyone else on screen, Once big McG took off that shirt, he won!! No one else mattered.

    And we get some tattoo peekage 😉


  2. Others ??????? Where ? I only have eyes to my Ninja Steve, with shirt, no shirt, pants, no pants, trunks…Foy…I really don’t waste my time with scooters. No disrespect to Chin,Cath,Kono or Max who I ike very much but Steve is Steve.


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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