A Quickie with 1.23 Gritty McChin

Presenting gritty McChin protected by wire. And by the power of the FOY, obvi.

They’ll badly need the wire fence if I ever come anywhere near these two.

2 thoughts on “A Quickie with 1.23 Gritty McChin

  1. What FOY.. can’t see no FOY!! what you?? Oh never mind?? *confused*

    Oh man, oh man, your gonna depress me more.
    Okay, I am out with it. Hawaii trip has been cancelled, not even planned.
    work has gotten in the way, so I am going for Season 5.. here is hope there is another SOTB.


    1. Oh I’m so sorry to confuse you!! 😳 I see the FOY everywhere, even where it’s not visible…

      Hawaii trip cancelled?! Aww, poor you!! Wish I could make you feel better!! S5 SOTB it is, then *fingers crossed* !


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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