Seeerious Research (Somewhat): H50h Sunset on the Beach 2010

Pictures and snippets of interviews from the premiere screening of the H50h Pilot on an Oahu beach on 13/09/2010. All from the “Extras” feature on the DVD.

Alex: It might be the greatest red carpet I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been to a few now. It was just the feeling of aloha there.

Peter Lenkov (producer): We were expecting a few thousand people to turn up, and I think it was like 10,000 people. It was massive.

The Star

The Co-stars

The Ladies


8 thoughts on “Seeerious Research (Somewhat): H50h Sunset on the Beach 2010

  1. Loved all SOTB speciallu last year since I saw it online and wish I was there. The interview with alex, peter and roberto was so funny. DDK, Michelle and Masi were Great and we can see so much love for them. Almost 2 months until the next one.


  2. Your not helping my bad news that I am not going to SOTB this year. I posted it yesterday or day before on your blog *sticks out tongue*


    1. Oh, I’m so so sorry 😥 , bad Marnov!! I didn’t realise! The thing is I prepare and schedule all posts several days in advance, so it just didn’t click…


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