H50h 1.08 Animated (Mostly)

Plot? What?? Me?! No!! I have more important things on mind.

C0ck Off

Steve c0cks his head, pulls a c0cky face and says to a perp, “I got you.” Steve performs a c0cky strut, I push the GIF button and say to Steve, “I got you.” And so you too got c0cky Steve in pic & gif. Enj0y!

You-Got-Me Smile

Steve learns from Danno about trust, admits defeat and laughs. Also, Wardrobe should accessorise Steve with sunglasses or he develops a permanent squint. He could lose his pants to compensate for the addition. Deal, Wardrobe?

I-Got-You Smile

Steve eyes€xes the perp in a such a devilishly s€xy manner that me and my panties melt in unison. The first thing when I set my foot in Hawaii will be committing a special crime to have the H50hs special task force’s boss pursue me. Now, Steve smiles, apparently in anticipation of my scheme.

Shoot Out

Black may be the handsome devil’s best colour. Or second best, if we count nude as a colour, too. Also, Steve appears surprised that after the shootout there’s a dead count. Well, honey, that’s what happens when you confuse real and blank cartridges.

S€xy Men in Uniform

Aaww, I think I’ll need to tag this post “Death by org@sm”… If funerals are the only occasion for which McDanno wear their uniforms, then more funerals please. YeahIsaidit.


4 thoughts on “H50h 1.08 Animated (Mostly)

  1. Well good Morning, and what a gorgeous Morning it is with a Steve-Post :lol:!
    I’ve watched this ep a few weeks ago and I was thinking to myself “someone has to capture that smile in the car” it’s a cocky smile, can we say that? I’m not very much familiar with the adjective word cocky 😆
    I love your picspam, the Alpha-Male-Strutt never fails to tingle me in all the *wrong* places, as does all-Black-Bamf-McG!
    As for the uniform pics, I was sure you would tag Steve’s with a “triple Unfff” 😉 but “asdfsglgh” works too, huh? Thanks for the great tingle I had with this pics!


    1. Hey, Buttercup, welcome back!! *happy dance* You’re “not very much familiar with the adjective word c0cky” – haha, this makes me giggle, coz I’m 12. *giggles* I think you use the word quite right… Oh, Steve in the uniform, true, it should have been: Unfff unfff unfff. Triple unfff. Amen.


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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