H50h 1.08 Facts: Black, White and in Colour

Which colour looks best on Steve?

McG the Fashion Doll

Look #1: The obligatory tee and overshirt combo. Coz Hawaii is a v cold place, y’all. Accessorised by sunlight on the face. Look #2: The classic suit!! Aaww!! Accessorised by chest hair. Squee!! Look #3: Bad a$$ ninja black garments. Accessorised by a smile. Aahh…

McG Working His Faaace

Face #1: I think this is a naughty boy’s face having naughty thoughts. Am I overthinking? Face #2: I wouldn’t fck with this face. But I totally would fck the guy. Oh, sorry, PG alert. It’s not me, it’s my autocorrect. Face #3: Now, anyone seen my panties?

McDanno in Black and White

Black #1: AOL should have played in The Bodyguard instead of Kevin Costner. I should have played there instead of Whitney Houston. Y’know. White #2: Scott’s chest hair. That is all. Black and White #3: I got nothing. Except maybe alskdjfghalskdjfgh.


14 thoughts on “H50h 1.08 Facts: Black, White and in Colour

  1. You called my Danny sexy! Yay!! Thanks for the great McG faces. I like that naugtyish face very much, yes please. And the last set of pics? *thud*


    1. The only other time we see a scary face from Steve, is on Season 2, when he walks into his office to talk to Chin about Kono!! That look.. Oh my.. I wouldn’t want to be on the recieving end of that one.

      Now about all your great pictures ;
      1. Love the eyelashes, Love the chest hair and him calling me, Ninja Steve – not a fan *ducks*

      2. Love the Look he gives Danny, his teeth are still okay, The Glare (covered in above para) and the last picture *THUD*


      1. *slowly gets back-up*
        3. Ninja Steve – not a fan, Danny – okay, he kinda cute, but no.. Last picture.. *THUD*


        1. Oh, didn’t you hurt yourself? You must be careful when McPerving! *carefully helping you from the floor* On second thought, returning to the last picture, I think no, let’s stay down here. Safety reasons. I’ll keep you company! 🙂


  2. So 1 seems to have a billion classic beauty shots. Did I mention yesterday that 108 had the greatest wardrobe changes throughout the entire episode, love Alex in black 🙂


  3. Those eyelashes and their shadow, excellent catch 😉 !
    That ep was great, so many outfits, so many faces, so much care for Danny and his ex-partner! We got SangMing as a bonus!
    And we got S1Steve!!! So pure and hot-blooded, nothing left to lose (Mom dead, Dad dead) and slowly making new friends (Danny, Kono, Chin) and Cath still at distance! S1 McG was more reckless and hot-blooded as he is now! (I like both anyway 😆 )
    Great post, thanks!


    1. Yes, bonus Sang Min aka Sandman!! He’s my fave S1 villain! There was too much pretty McDanno, so I didn’t manage to squeeze any Sandman into this post. Next time I will! And yes again, the developing relationships among characters in S1 are very engaging! (Ugh, do I sound like a seeerious reviewer?)


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