H50h S1 Steve in White Pic Spam

Seeerious Research

An intense study of S1 Steve’s wardrobe has shown that Steve owns these few white items.

  • a single white shirt (apparently the one coming with his Blue Dress);
  • a single white tee (what does he wash it in that it’s still white?);
  • and a single white singlet (with the total onscreen time of 15 seconds or so).

Sadly, that is all. Luckily, this way he’ll soon have to go nekkid.

Pic Spam

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6 thoughts on “H50h S1 Steve in White Pic Spam

  1. You did it again, so much to laugh at and the whiteshirts are fun, I have to admitt! But hey, haven’t you said something about “green” at the beginning of summer 😉 !!


    1. You’re perfectly right, I have it on my mind that I promised you the green, but there’s not enough of it in S1 and for various reasons, I haven’t made it to S2 yet 😥 . So please have patience with me! 😉


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