Marnov Is Back, Let’s Celebrate!

After leaving her koala-infested exile, Marnov is back with vengeance.

Let’s Dress Up!

Dressed to kill the FUCUPs.

Let’s Crack a Beer!

Steve drinks to Marnov, while Danno remains grumpy.

Let’s Dance!

Dance with me, Danno! Please?

15 thoughts on “Marnov Is Back, Let’s Celebrate!

  1. Ohh, I forgot, our Steve is the biggest in the 1st pic, ha ha, only the gov makes it close to him! Ahh – those RL pics never fail to show the truth! I guess that would place me somewhere between the three people on the left, which means I have the same height as Cath (which would make me just a right for Steve as she is 😉 !!!) !


    1. I just looked at the top pic again, why does Alex appear so much taller, and all the girls are apparently wearing their own shoes/sandals and not high heels. You can see Michelle´s and Lauren´s feet, and those are not the regular dress shoes (or maybe they do things differently in HI 😉 )


      1. LOL, I was looking at the boots too and thought that Show really and truly picks the fugliest boots in the world for the women. I didn’t realise that this may not be what they were actually wearing on their feet while shooting the episode!


    2. Hm, it might be the angle of the photo, the heights of everyone seem so disproportionate – Steve seems to be standing a bit in the front of all and looking even taller. Whatever, I like the team dressed up, so I rather like this pic 😀 .


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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