Revisiting H50h S3 Finale

Only one more day to go before the H50h S4 première!  Need to revisit where the story ended in S3 finale? Refresh your memory with the last epi’s recap here or whet up your appetite in the pic spam here. Enjoy!

Final countdown for the S4 première! Yay!!

8 thoughts on “Revisiting H50h S3 Finale

  1. I just finished watching this earlier today, I am ready!! So I just um.. caught up.

    So I plugged in my Moonlight, but I have to watch my “other” shows too 😉


  2. Ahhhh – we europeans have to wait a little bit longer! And i don’t want to wait 😁 no no noooooo!!!!
    And then it’s saturday and i have to wait till late night until all my people are safely and soundly asleep so i can mcperv and mcenjoy all to myself!! Because i can’t share my steve with no mperv people!!! I’m looking forward to your recap! Yours sincerly, buttercup McPerv 😚 !!!


    1. Oh, don’t you worry, there are many of us who have to wait! I think I’ll have to wait until Tuesday night – I got a paper deadline on Monday, so I’ll be busy until then 😥 But see you later!! 🙂


  3. ” as I should produce a thesis on another subject than the a$$ets of Alex O’Loughlin.”
    Me too buttercup i’ll have to wait till saturday night to watch it. I’m trying to hold my self together here. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh


    1. So, my dissertation is funny? 😉 I hope my supervisor will be so positive about it too! 🙂

      I’m with you, we’ll need to get over the looong wait somehow!! *fingers crossed*


  4. Maybe he would understand if he saw Mr. O’Loughlins @ssets,and incourage you to write a paper about it. And grade you for it i’m sure you would be the best of the class.


    1. LOL, my supervisor WOULD understand coz she’s a she, but the board of examiners probably wouldn’t, as they’re all male… But I’ll think about suggesting it, heh 🙂 …


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