Status Update: H50h New Season according to Marnov

Here’s a list of what I got in store for my fellow FUCUPs in the H50h new season.

1 H50 S4 Recaps and Pic Spams

Yea, I can’t wait to start!! Except the new Friday screening slot doesn’t work for me, as my weekends are busy family-ways and week beginnings are hard work-ways. So expect stuff on the latest episode later the following week.

2 (More or Less) Regular Quickies

Nope, they’re not going anywhere!! They may be quickies but they are no quitters, y’all! We got quickies and longer sessions (heh) posts on alternate days during summer – now this scheme will just be a bit less regular.

Season 4, welcome!

3 Random Stuff and Days Off

Well, there’ll be random stuff published randomly. Also, this academic year is gonna be tough, as I should produce a thesis on another subject than the a$$ets of Alex O’Loughlin. So I’ll take an occasional day or two off here.

+1 So What?

Stay tuned in and that’s it!! If you don’t want to miss anything, follow this blog by entering your email – and tada, you’ll get a notification every time a new post appears. Your email won’t be published anywhere, FYI. Now, here’s to H50h S4!!

Happy new season to you, H50h!

8 thoughts on “Status Update: H50h New Season according to Marnov

  1. I´m seriously worried about this Friday timeslot for me. I will be shaking with with drawal symptoms on Saturdays, when I won´t have time for gif´ng new episodes. Eek!


  2. Ladies don’t worry about that, we will be waiting I speak for me when I say that I’m not going anywhere you both have already my heart.


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