A Quickie with TR 1.01 Org@stic Andy

Sorry, false advertising, I had Andy’s gastronomic org@sm in mind…

You know what they say about s3xing men who enjoy their food? Guess!

6 thoughts on “A Quickie with TR 1.01 Org@stic Andy

  1. WOW, New background, WOW!!

    Oh and Dr. Andy, loved how he jumped at the cinnamon rolls in the meeting, and the glare he got from the boss lady
    But I agree it’s orgasmic how this man eats, it’s great!!

    I am in the middle of Moonlight, I am not watching Andy, not watching.. Oh Andy!!! Help!!


    1. WOW, you got a new avi 😀 ! Thanks for noticing my new background, BTW! You’re Moonlight-ing? And poor Andy and Steve are curled up each in his own corner and crying!


  2. Hey there, love your steve all-over background – one sure can’t have enough steve around!
    And after watching season opener i know where all the cinnamon rolls go he eats – through egon’s workout directly to all those gorgeous and breathtaking muscles! Omcg how could we possibly survive s4 with allthat yummy!?!


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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