H50h 4.02 Teaser Pic Spam

A quick compilation of a few caps from the latest epi to tease your appetite. More pics in better quality coming later (when I get down also to actually WATCHING this epi 😉 ).


7 thoughts on “H50h 4.02 Teaser Pic Spam

  1. I´m getting off work in 2 hours. Wonder if I will have the patience to actually watch the epi before making gifs 😉 A bloggers life is sooo hard…*sigh* (justkidding!)


    1. It is hard! (notreallykidding) But rewarding too 🙂 . Enjoy yourself and take all the time you need, we’re ready to wait for your gorgeous gifs, they are always worth it!!


  2. I’m teased, thanks very much! I’m looking forward to seeing Steve in those peanut-butter-creamy pants! And the hug!


      1. Don’t you have Petrol Station Shops!
        I don’t think I can handle Steve in Nutella-coloured cargos 😉 !!!


        1. Haha!! Steve AND Nutella would be my ultimate death by org@sm. Seriously.

          No petrol stations here, I live in the middle of nowhere, boo 😦 , BUT I’ll have Steve for dessert tonight!!


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