A Quickie with H50h 4.02 McRoll

This a good season for McRoll. I approve.

Cat shows: This guy is mine!! :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 4.02 McRoll

  1. Me too. I haven’t see this ep yet, went out with my NotMG and some friends to see Rush and then we went for a couple of drinks. Now I have to wait 2 more days to see it online, but from the teasers I’m sure that I’m going to like …too bad that Lucy was not in the baseball game that little girl was so good in Field Trip, I wish that the writers would bring her back. In my opinion she is way better that the girl playing Grace much more natural..


    1. It’s a fun episode, hope you’ll love it!!

      LUCY!! The future generation FUCUP! A clever girl – anyone who wants to marry uncle Steve is clever – that would’ve been cute to have her in the game! Maybe next time?


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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