A Quickie with H50h 4.02 Timothy Daly

Yeah, I know, not the greatest cap of our guest star, but I did my best 😉 .

If you look closely, you may spot Timothy Daly in the pic.

14 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 4.02 Timothy Daly

  1. I so wanted to crop that dude out, but was impossible. I am relentless. Only one man good enough for my captures 😉 (and it ain´t the guest).


  2. I love his @ssets, i absolutely do!
    This is going to be one of my all time favourite!
    (And not because it’s mcg near a chair!)
    Omg it’s mcg near a chair 😉 !!!!!


    1. Where there’s the A$$ Coach, everyone else is just a background extra to me 😯 . Sorry, Tim! P.S.: Had to google “Wings” and decided that when Wings were on in the US, we had “Dallas” here. Good old J.R. RIP.


      1. Yep, Wings was a 1990’s show. Now Dallas was a early 1980’s show that I wasn’t allowed to watch because I was a mere kiddo. Caught it on re-runs when I was in college–That JR was some villain. I also liked re-runs of I Dream of Jeannie. RIP Larry Hagman.


        1. We had dallas too, but my parents didn’t allow me to watch, “too young” must have been around 1985! Never heard of wings! But he was great in h5o such a cool cowboy!


          1. I can’t imagine anyone too young for Dallas! I would allow my kids watch for sure. Expect I don’t have kids. So I’d allow my cats watch it 😀 .


        2. I see 🙂 . Well, in the 1980s the most common thing on TV in the Eastern Bloc was the test card. It was sheer wonder when the first commercial TV entered the market in my country in 1994. And yes, why, I do remember the year, like I say, it was something amazing 🙂 . And it brought Dallas!! ❤


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