An Extra for Non-USA FUCUPs: Friday Wailing Wall

CBS is airing a new H50h epi today, but not for me and fellow FUCUPs outside of the US. We may not be getting a new epi today, BUT: we got a special guest to keep us company. It’s Dr Andy, squee!!

I hear your Friday sucks, Marnov?

Fridays suck.
Fridays suck.

Here, let me hug you for comfort!


Or would you prefer a little kiss?


Feeling any better now?

Better now?
Better now?

You’ll need just this little patience, hon…

I know what he's NOT talking about.
I know what he’s NOT talking about.

And a happy ending is coming, trust me!

Ahhh... Yeah!
Ahhh… Yeah!

Are you a fellow non-US FUCUP? Share your laments in the comments!
Hear, hear, this is a non-US FUCUPs support group! Hugsies and encouragement for all!!


6 thoughts on “An Extra for Non-USA FUCUPs: Friday Wailing Wall

  1. I am one non-US FUCUP. I confess. But the episodes get up so fast these days, can´t really say I´m suffering as long as I have time to watch the epi and make the post right after.
    I expecially love your happy ending pic! 😀


    1. You nailed it. Of course I’d like to see an episode as soon as it airs, but with a new epi each week now, it’s keeping me so busy that I hardly even think of complaining 😯 !


    1. Thanks for checking out our small support group 🙂 ! Dr Yablonsky’s medical advice is to perv as often as possible for a speedy recovery 😉 !! {{airhearts}}


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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