H50h 4.05 Pure Pic Spam


6 thoughts on “H50h 4.05 Pure Pic Spam

  1. You did a great job with the pics. For some reason my caps are so red and dark, that they are impossible to post as such. Need to do some photoshopping to make them appear more natural 😉


    1. Thanks! A compliment from you means a lot!! My screencaps usually look colourless to my eyes, so I always enhance colours + sharpness of the picture. I’m glad it worked out 😉 !


  2. I did a happy dance with this ep, the fangirl in me was so excited. Jeans, tattoos, the white dresses, the pullover, the tender moments with Cath and as a bonus so many ChinChin time


  3. LOL!! Love your cap comments cuz I would be the same. Yep, loved the Action scene but then seeing that Unifom and that salute.. *THUD* would be the proper response!


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