A Quickie with H50h 4.05 Emo McRoll

*sniff* More tissues please! *sniff sniff*



10 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 4.05 Emo McRoll

  1. DANG!! Where is the Kleenex box!! You know that scene opened a whole can of worms for the writers, cuz what is Cath gonna do now? How is Steve gonna help her?
    That is a great picture!!


    1. THis were exactly my thoughts too!
      Is she going to crawl into bed and have the blues, or drinking or worse, I mean she doesn’t even have a job anymore! This is going to be sooo good!


  2. Btw – I loved her emo scenes with Steve, I loved the comforting and the “I’ll be by your side” Steve! Thanks Marnov!


  3. Michelle was great in this epi. She got a chance to show her range too.
    Btw I noticed that the pic of Billy at the memorial looked a bit odd. Why did he have a sad face on? Don´t they usually have a happy graduate smile on for these official pics. Not that it matters, just a random observation 😉


    1. True, about Michelle. Billy’s memorial photo was so weird that I didn’t even recognise him. But I have difficulties concentrating on anything else but Steve, so I don’t count 🙂 !


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