H50h 4.05 Poke-ish Recap/Pic Spam: If I Can’t Poke Steve, I’ll Poke Fun [Part 1]

Hongkingkong. Adam and Kono are involved in a car chase which would be faster if it were a foot chase. (Did Adam’s father think that driving, like fishing, was for peasants? :wink:) When Adam gets fed up with fake-driving, he fake-pulls-up in a dark alley and has a heart-to-heart with Kono. They agree to split and meet later at Starbucks. Then Adam walks out right into the arms of Yakuza hitmen. Kono thinks he sacrificed himself for her. I think he was just being silly and helped no one.

Show’s TPTB are a bunch of h0rny men who’d much rather shoot p0rn. Because: a h0t scene of a scantily clad woman s.xing a fully clothed guy. Wait, that’s not all: this action is spied on by Cat and Billy Boy hiding in a car! When the s.xing couple disappears, Cat drops her night vision binoculars and says she lost visual contact. (I roar with laughter at her lingo.) Billy Boy says he needs to pee. But he’s a SEAL, so silly enough to drink too much but tough enough not to wet himself. Congratulations, Billy.

Steve, wearing a dirty tee and jeans, is immersed in the entrails of the Mercury. (I’m overwhelmed by a sudden desire to push him on the back seat and take him for a dirty ride. :shock:) Where was I? Oh, the Bald Guy! The Bald Guy appears in the garage because Hawaiians never lock their doors. He’s wearing face hair to compensate for his lack of regular hair and he shall now be dubbed the Beard Guy. Steve asks the BG where Doris is. The BG says he doesn’t know. Of course. He never knows a thing.

The s.xing couple is done s.xing and the woman leaves because it’s an urban legend that women want to talk after s.xing. An armed guy approaches the house and Bill-Roll run after him, though it’s none of their business, for they were hired to prove marital infidelity, which they did. There’s a shoot-out. Willy Billy is wounded and Cat, also injured, takes him in her arms and drives him to the hospital because there’s no ambulance service in Hawaii. The unfaithful husband is shot into pieces all the same.

Cat wakes up in the hospital bed to the second best sight ever: bedside Steve in a grey sweater. (The first best sight ever would be nekkid Steve. :razz:) Cat was shot in her arm but she’ll be fine. Not so much Willy Billy. Steve breaks the news that Willy Billy’s gone. Whaaat?! I cry because I did want Willy Billy gone, but only after an epic McBilly c0ck-off! Cat curls up and cries too. Steve should crawl next to her in the bed and give her a hug with his arms (and maybe later with his thighs), but he refrains.

Cat soon recovers: she lost Billy’s willy, but she still has the FOY. Because being shot on H50h means nothing and because Hawaiian women are bulletproof, Cat jumps out of the bed and makes Steve drive her to the crime scene. The scene is full of useless coppers being bored because they can’t tell a crime scene when they see one. Luckily, Cat can. She proves that the house has been scrubbed clean and painted overnight. (Can I have the number of this cleaning service, please?) But the dead body is gone.

Chinchin discovers that the woman who doesn’t enjoy talking after s.xing is a *cough* companion who charges $ 1.000 per hour. (Are you kidding me?? I don’t earn half the amount per month and I’m moving to Hawaii to become a *cough* companion on H50h. :mrgreen:) Chinchin pays a professional visit to said professional and is given the evil eye by her male secretary. (Who stresses his gay preference by wearing a pink shirt.) *Cough* companion cries over the loss of her customer but knows nothing.

Everyone gathers in the H50h headquarters. Danno asks Cat if she injured her arm in a Klingon mating ritual with Steve. Steve neither confirms nor denies but sends Danno on a car trip with the Beard Guy. (Which to me is a yes.) Chinchin has the coordinates of the dead guy’s cell and McRoll go after it. The cell is moving because it has legs, or because it’s in a car. McRoll chase down the car to find in it the dead guy and a driver, who looks like he’s on weed and who took the car because it was abandoned.

Will McRoll repeat their Klingon mating ritual? Will Danno cargue with the Beard Guy? And whodunit? Find out in Part Two here.


2 thoughts on “H50h 4.05 Poke-ish Recap/Pic Spam: If I Can’t Poke Steve, I’ll Poke Fun [Part 1]

    1. I’m sure the disappointment about the artificial Adam-Kono plot line is pretty general. Now that you mention it, watching ice melt could be an exciting show!


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