A GIFfie with H50h 1.18 McGuns

Proudly presenting a FOY-friendly camera. Please be patient while loading the FOY.

The best take EVER. Bless you, CBS.

9 thoughts on “A GIFfie with H50h 1.18 McGuns

  1. I don´t remember if I ever checked this scene out on BR!? I must go find it. Is the FOY visible or are my eyes seeing make-believe 😀
    FOY friendly camera indeed LOL


  2. Bless CBS indeed!
    You got me with ” the foy loading ” 🙂 !!!
    This scene’s asdfggghkll – the face is killing me! Thanks!


      1. Ha ha, the Foy wouldn’t open on my phone, I had to start my laptop to have the FULL Size!
        Alds,fjksaj’flksa it is 😆 !!!!


  3. And the funny thing is during this scene he said “say hello to my little friend”….he’s such an lying liar who lies…he should have told the truth and said “say hello to my HUGE, gonna make a woman beg for mercy friend”…..YOWZA!!!!!


    1. Haha, ^^ “my HUGE, gonna make a woman beg for mercy friend” ^^ 😆 ! Amen, sista.

      I don’t think I’d actually beg for mercy, but I’m willing to give it a try and report back. 😉


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