H50h 4.06 Hulloween Recap: Hullo, McDanno; Bye, Panties [Part 1]

What happened: Danno’s has a cute a$$ and he found the panties that I threw at him. Cat is a closeted elite companion and McRomeo gave her the gift of a box of beer. Also, there was plot.

Something is happening on the screen which is probably meant to be scary but it’s funny. Is that a retro horror clip? Marx, in the costume of Winnetou the Yellow Gentleman, is dancing madly, and I’m reminded that I should try this LSD too. A man in the costume of Walking Dead clearly took too much of the LSD and went berserk. He bites an onlooker in his throat and tries to vampirise a police officer. The officer loves neither vampires nor zombies, so he shoots the berserk twice, making him two times deader than he was before. How weird.

H50h credits roll while I’m calling my local LSD dealer. (Hey, DEA, I’m kidding!) Cat is jogging in a crowd of costumed monster kids and thinking of the awkward day when Kill Bill was killed. Steve is distributing treats (but not s.xing favours) to the monsters that are disturbing the peace at his door. Cat slips in the house, looking so sad as if she just didn’t pass Alex O’Loughlin in a tight white tee. Cat mourns for Kill Bill, on which McPhilosopher tells her to stop it and let’s go to bed. McG moralises while dancing with his n!ps, and I’m not listening.

Chinchin arrives at the greenfield where the Hulloween LSD party is now over. Chinchin says hullo to Marx and a she-someone, costumed either as a flapper or a h00ker, in a glitter dress the colour of poison pink. Marx the Yellow Gentleman testifies that he witnessed a zombie attack, but before he can saddle his faithful Hatatitla and ride off with his glittering Ribanna, he realises he has been infected by the zombie and passes out. Zombie was drugged by what makes people either docile donkeys or raging zombies and is not called LSD.

Danno, looking extra cute and super grumpy today, is about to pick a phone argument with McG when he looks up and freezes on the spot. There’s a Christmas tree in his front garden decorated by toilet paper. Some pumpkin head is confusing Hulloween with Christmas. Son of a b!tch, Danno screams and kicks his short leg in the air. In a cargument, he explains to McG that juvenile delinquency starts with toilet paper and goes on with armed robbery or kidnappery. He’s serious and so sweet that I throw my panties at his head.

McDanno arrive at a parking lot in the middle of nowhere, where there’s Zombie’s car somewhere. McPhilosopher says: But it’s the middle of nowhere! Danno counters: Hawaii is in the middle of nowhere! A limousine-cum-bus appears and McDanno get on. The merry bus is a disco on wheels combined with a strip club! McDanno sit facing each other, with a stripper pole between them. Danno reaches behind his seat and finds my panties! Steve whispers to Danno: Put it on! I yell at Steve: Stop speaking and start stripping!

Steve fails to do his pole majik. Danno and the FUCUPs are disappointed. McDanno gatecrash a party of gentlemen in tuxes and ladies in various stages of undress. Danno pats the little (?) friend in his pants and he and his foy say in unison: Me likey! The party is thrown by a Dracula, who knows Zombie because he zombified him. According to an extremely badly acting bodyguard, Zombie was dragged from the party by a big friend when he has had too much of LSD. Said friend had a creepy black costume. Like most Hulloween costumes?

Chinchin in nice pants goes on a trip to the morgue of the hospital where Zombie works. Chinchin doesn’t use LSD for the trip. The morgue warden is a scaredy kitty who freaked out when Zombie approached him a few hours ago and required to see a specific corpse. Zombie is not right in his head, for he took the head of the corpse, maybe to have a spare one. The corpse was that of a juvenile delinquent who died in a car crash. She looks like a heroin addict. She also has a record of disappearing, reappearing and remembering nothing of it.

Want more? You get the rest in Part Two, coming here.


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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