H50h 4.07 Pure Pic Spam


6 thoughts on “H50h 4.07 Pure Pic Spam

  1. I still don´t like babies either 🙂
    But just now will have to make a baby pic collage since apparently there were different babies used. More than 3 apparently! Eew, what a task…


      1. I didn´t get to the baby collage, blaming pretty Steve 😀
        FOYeur made a collage and there´s probably 7-8 different babies! I didn´t even know there were so many haole babies in HI 😉


        1. Whaaat?? Huh. I’d never notice that, because who’d look at the babies? Not me. And how can people even tell one baby from another?? It’s a mystery.

          Bless pretteee Steve!


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