H50h 4.08 Pure Picspam


9 thoughts on “H50h 4.08 Pure Picspam

  1. This ep was great, McG did the “killer-Top-Gun-Smile” twice – (I named it after TomCruise, the scene when he leaves the briefing-room first time at TOPGUN and puts on his glasses) AOL is actually way better at it, but psst – don’t tell!
    2nd last, yummy!


    1. I have to correct myself, TomCruise smile the “killer-smile” when he leaves the first briefing with “Charlie”, outside!


        1. Top Gun, not bad movie. Like all the characters in it, but didn’t watch Tom Cruise after that. that smile drove me nuts 😉 Sorry Ladies.
          But I agree McG does have a killer smile 🙂 🙂


          1. Didn’t watch any of the later cruise stuff either 😉 we’re so much alike, i’m always amazed!


  2. We got some pretty awesome faces ones again!
    😆 “crinkle porn” – love it!! (I might just steal the term)
    Like those closed eyes when he shoots – and the faces that go with it are priceless!!


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