A Quickie with H50h 4.08 Two BAMFs

Two tough guys in action. Bring it on!   {Click to make the pic big!}

Congratulations. You’re dead.

9 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 4.08 Two BAMFs

  1. I´m already worrying that Chi´s bum knee won´t keep up with h50 action. These two worked together beautifully. Though I hope they won´t write Grover like Danny´s character. Bitching all the time (well you know how it can sometimes go with D).


      1. I feel Grover is taking Danny´s place when Scott is off doing his own thing in LA. I think there will be a few more episodes where Scott is not part of. He clearly is cutting his participation on the show this season. It´s not much of a secret any more than Scott is not liking his Danny gig. And people are blaming every one else but him. Sad 😦


        1. Oh, I see 😦 . Scott looks like a difficult person… But that’s what I kind of like about him. Sorry to hear but it’s good to know, so thanks for the update!


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