A GIFfie with H50h 4.09 Emo Steve

To watch this GIF, you’ll need a box of Kleenex.

You have been warned. *sniff*

12 thoughts on “A GIFfie with H50h 4.09 Emo Steve

    1. Heh, good on you :wink:! This scene makes me feel sick always when I imagine it’s not auntie but a kitty that is dying 😥 . I’m a cold person but all about kitties moves me to an extraordinary degree 😉


      1. Me too. I keep reading the news about cats in accidents and I feel the horror so much more with them than humans. We are odddddddddddddd…


  1. I have -23C (aka -9F) outside right now and I still tear up, but I tear up all the time. I am sap. I know
    My other tear-up is in season 2 episode when Steve sends Mary back to L.A. cuz of WoFat trouble! When he waves he is the big tough guy but then he turns around and.. Oh my.. Dang!! Now that is a great scene. Hmmmm might have to try making a gif or um.. Hint, hint Marnov or Paula 😀 😀


    1. OMG!! -23C!? Is that even possible? You live in Siberia? It’s slightly below zero here and I fear that I may not last through the winter…

      Well, okay, cold though I am, I do admit there was a tear or two in my cold eye when I first watched this scene – but not because of auntie, rather because of Steve and his emo face. Boo.

      Paula will probably have the S2 scene you mention, Paula has it all!!


      1. NO.. I don’t live in Siberia, I live in Alberta, Canada. Yes it’s cold, but I am not dying. Yet!! there is enough heat on my T.V. screen to make-up for it.
        -1C and your cold. Don’t come this way! 😯

        I will check with Paula. Thanks 🙂


        1. I love Canada – all about it but the weather. Seriously.

          Well, we don’t have so much frost but we do have hurricane Xaver here right now… I guess that makes it even 😯


          1. Well, it’s a loss/loss here, but thanks for the goodwishes, it’s nearly over and not much damage in my region so far 🙂


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