A GIFfie with 4.01 McRoll

My panties just curled up in the corner and died. I won’t need any of those anyway.

I ❤ a man who can pin a girl down.

13 thoughts on “A GIFfie with 4.01 McRoll

      1. I think he’s *treated* her right, he’s been right there for her and that’s something you do for a GF not just a sister…but what the hell happened to the heat?? It’s like the writers aren’t capable of doing both at the same time. bastards!


        1. Of course Steve treats Cat right, never in doubt! He treats her well in all the possible ways but the one – it almost deserves a FUCBS, though I LOVE S4 so far!!


    1. Sorry about that, it’s because a longer gif would be too large and people with a slower internet connection would hate me… 😯 But thanks for stopping by anyway 🙂


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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