H50h 4.10 Pure Picspam


8 thoughts on “H50h 4.10 Pure Picspam

    1. I’m not so much looking forward to watching this epi either – based on the caps that I did, it looks it’s very much about honour, valour, dignity and such issues – no offence to anyone, but this is very much the opposite of my taste 😦 . I love fun!


      1. I keep forgetting you are making picspam without actually watching the epi LOL Everyone is raving about this story. I´m not saying it wasn´t good. I think I was just in the wrong mood when watching, and in the end just didn´t connect with it. Some day I will watch this again and see what it was really about.


        1. Yep, I normally do the picspam first and watch later – I want to post the goodies ASAP, you know!

          *minor rant alert* I believe the reception of this epi depends a lot on one’s cultural background – mine involves lots of scepticism, very little emotion and zero patriotism, which means that this epi will most likely won’t meet my taste… *steps off soapbox*


  1. I watched it, I Loved it, and Enjoyed it.
    I was brought up to respect and honor my elders. So when I worked in the Veterans Center taking care of the men, Canadian soldiers, and me having a Dutch background, I got to hear Liberation stories about the men who liberated Holland. Helping out my grandparents and my parents. It is great to hear.
    During this time at the Veterans Center I was a big “Russell Crowe” fan, he was in the making of a movie called “The Cinderella Man” about a 1930’s boxer named Jim Braddock, so one night working in the Veterans Center I was talking with a man who was in a Dutch bar with some Dutchmen after the Liberation of Holland was over. This gentleman and two Air Force officers came into the bar wanting a drink, they ordered but the Dutch bartender ignored them, (sorry but America didn’t help Holland) so this Canadian soldier who was telling me the story got up and ordered three beers for the man and the Air Force officers, and he explained to the officers what was going on., The gentleman said thank you, it was Jim Braddock on this World tour to promote boxing. I got a shiver down my back when the man was telling me this story.


    1. That’s a moving story – thanks for sharing it!!

      Oh and of course that I’m for honouring one’s elders – that’s what I do in RL – it’s just that on TV I prefer funny rather than serious stuff 🙂


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