Post of the Week: H50h 1.01 Pilot in Pics and Gifs

This is the spot where each week or two, I’ll bring back favourite posts from the archives. Where else to start but with the H50h pilot?

Our First Sigh(t) of Cargos

The moment when I first realised that the beauty of Hawaiians who don’t even look Hawaiian was a fine a$$et to the Show and when I threatened to unfollow Show for the plot.

Meeting the Mercury

McG reminisces about his first time. In a car. His first time driving, that is. In a next epi Danno discovers that Mercury, like McG, possesses a classic beauty and fierce temperament.

No. 1 McDanno Off

Too much testosterone? Time to bring out your tent poles and set up a S.x Boot Camp McG Styles, don’t you think? Danno may make a guest appearance.

Staple Perp Pursuit

I’m a living advert for climbing and mount(aineer)ing. Whenever McG climbs something, I totally become one with the thing.

Inaugural Epic A$$mashing

McHesse grappling serves as the precursor of many epic a$$mashing scenes to come. I approve. I mean: nooo to violence, yeah to a$$mashing!


13 thoughts on “Post of the Week: H50h 1.01 Pilot in Pics and Gifs

  1. The off with danno is a classic, i’ve must have watched it thousands of times! Also the fight with victor, completes me! (Was that right 🙂 ???)


  2. He he, just realized the climbing (you are a fascinating word woman!) i guess there isn’t one women that doesn’t become one with mcg when he climbs!!!
    Whatever he is climbing doesn’t matter, IMO!!! You’re such a mcperv 😉 and i mean this with all my heart!


  3. The Mercury… I like Classic Cars…
    The Cargos!! I lov’em! And miss’em!!! Pls bring back the cargos!!
    The Fight! Great!
    I’m so in love with Season 1.

    Great GIFs! Great post!


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