H50h S4 McRoll GIF Spam

This season is good for McRoll. I approve. The gifs will animate once you enter the gallery. Enjoy! 


4 thoughts on “H50h S4 McRoll GIF Spam

  1. heh she is a BAMF 🙂

    It started good! Then hit a wall 😦 hope they pick it back up this 2nd half of the season. I love the maturation of the relationship but i miss the fun/flirty McRoll too.


    1. It started great but it’s true that there’s little passion now 😦 Pity they killed off Billy so soon, I was hoping for some conflict and for McRoll making it up… Still I’m very happy with S4, no matter the drawbacks.


  2. I think cath did a very good job in performing her emotional scenes, she didn’t do the all-hysertical woman who cries and cries!!! She played her parts according to her military upbringing, very intense but hidden, her emotions are controlled they only slipped a minimal times when they hug at the end of the billy ep or in the hospital, and my fav when she hugs her uniform!
    I personally think she did a brilliant job there so much beauty in her character, i truly hope the writers keep it that way (and don’t go all greysanatomy-isch!)


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