Bye-Bye, Blue Shirt: Steve in Colours!

Hey, guys! It’s my perv pleasure to announce that I upgraded my photo editing skills to a new level, which means that there will be much better pics of McG to enjoy. Yay! Also, I accidentally discovered taught myself to manipulate colours in pics, so the first thing I killed Steve’s blue shirt and made it red. Double yay!! Fellow blue haters (no h8; also, hi ESS!) , let’s rejoice!

For the record: blue is perfectly fine, but it’s really been too much of it recently. I’m showing off a piece of before-editing and after-editing pic in the minigallery, so that you could tell me that I’m good 🙂 *hint hint* To whet up your appetite, you also got two samples of recoloured pics – these and more will appear soon on my Facebook profile, in wallpaper resolution. 


12 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, Blue Shirt: Steve in Colours!

    1. Mine too! I made about a dozen pics of Steve in red shirt yesterday and I can’t get enough of it… BTW, thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂


    1. Oh, different people have different tastes and it’s perfectly ok 🙂 I adored the blue shirt of 3.22, but he’s been wearing nothing else since 😦 If I were you, I wouldn’t be worried, Show obviously can’t see the blue shirt going anywhere, lol 😀


  1. I love the blue too and the green from early s2 and of course white!
    Yeah, i like the blue!!!!!! All the blues, blue blue blue, sorry, i’m in a teasing mode today!
    Can i say it once more
    Blue ( don’t bann me, its only temporary 😉 )!!


    1. You tease!! 👿 No, seriously, I’m not going to be upset because someone’s taste is different, it’s just fine! But get ready to see more colours here now 😀 !


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