Post of the Week: H50h 1.02 Animated (Mostly)

This is the spot where each week or two, I’ll bring back favourite posts from the archives. We had the H50h pilot last week, so let’s go on with 1.02!

***Sorry. There’s no text but random explicit thoughts. Sorry again.***

Recalling 1.02, I’m sure there was a case and the H50hs solved it in under 43 min. Now, let’s move on to the real important stuff.

Seals Like to Swim (SBJ&TO!)

One of the awkward moments when I deeply regret that Show is set in the US. Cause: European style swim trunks don’t involve so much redundant cloth as the American style kind.

Too Much Pretty (Unfff…)

Wait. This ain’t pretty. ˅˅ THIS ˅˅ is simply beautiful. PIC 1: Look at the adorable interior decoration, the lamp and the matching rattan! PIC 2: On second thought, how T F that the man-scooter didn’t just launch himself at McG’s head, as any normal human would do? Show, hire me, and I’ll show ya. {Click pics to enlarge.}

Everyone Likes Hippos (WTF?)

I’m rather indifferent to hippos and children alike. And so is McG!! We’re a perfect mind match! McG should really call me to find out if we’re a perfect body match, too. I’m pretty confident that I’d make a better interface than the one in the lift for him to push my button and use his tool. #JustSayin

You Can Stop Now, Ladies (LOL!)

Sorry, Chin, we can’t stop. For we have drunk of the Fountain of Youth just like the perp has drunk of the hose. It makes sense that we now demand the same follow-up treatment of hugging McG with our thighs, just like said perp. Hanging off a roof while doing that is optional. Nekkidness not.

It’s Like Pulling a Tooth Legendary (FTW!)

PIC 1: McG’s eyebrows think: It’s gonna be helluva fun! Danno thinks: I’m not talking to him right now. Chin thinks: Them ladies are in each other’s hair again. Me thinks: I love a BAMF who comes prepared. PIC 2: Me thinks ouch. For Alex must have inevitably bruised his palm on the chain when doing the stunt without gloves.


13 thoughts on “Post of the Week: H50h 1.02 Animated (Mostly)

  1. You should bring those post with the comments we made, all those month ago, would be rather funny (and embarrasing too) 😉


    1. Haha, that’s actually a fun idea! Though I’m not sure that I could do that – technically speaking. But never mind, it’s up to you now to make new embarrassing comments!! 😆


    1. “No blue shirt” << THIS!! Also, the roof scene – you mean when he went in the wrong direction from the roof 😆 ? That one is still killing me!


      1. I’m really sorry about the “me and his blue shirt thing” NOT.
        I mean the whole roof scene. The “ergo” part, the “ladies” part, everything.
        The best thing of being sick and have to stay at home is, that I’m able to write so many comments. And that I’ve got time to work on my blog 🙂


        1. LOL, no problem, I’m not a blue fan either 😉 ! The roof scene rocks! Also the way he was taking fingerprints of the perp – with his blood, eek but cool 😎 Yep, I noticed you’re a lot around here now but I didn’t realise you were sick! Poor dear… You totally deserve some Andy home visit!


          1. >>>You totally deserve some Andy home visit!<<< This Thank You Hun!!
            I always try to be everywhere *lol* But unfortunately don't have enough time to be everywhere.


    1. He’s gorgeous pretty much in everything! But I think I see what you mean – he was the perfect socially stunted meathead in this one 🙂


  2. I love Steve’s look when Danny tries to reason with the wounded guy, it’s like Steve can’t wait to take over and get the guy over the roof!
    and Chin’s all cool 😉


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