Post of the Week: H50h 1.03 Animated (Mostly)

This is the spot where each week or two, I’ll bring back favourite posts from the archives. We’re continuing in the H50h S1 animated series.  Rumour has it that there was plot in this epi. I can’t rule it out, but I never noticed any such distraction. What I did notice was a load of prettteee, much funny and some seeerious.

Daaat Prettteee Faaace *Dreamy Sigh*

A scene from the life of BFFs. Pic 1: McG licks his lips, arches his eyebrows into a suggestive shape and says: “Yay!!” Pic 2: Danno makes a constipated face, attempts to smooth his pompadour and whines: “Nay!!” This is before Danno discovers that the H50hs are not a democracy but a benevolent dictatorship.

Danno the Powder Keg *Runs and Ducks*

Danno has absolutely no control issues. *cough* But don’t let him near open fire. Gif 1: Danno plays ping pong with Monkey’s head. This is child cruelty and animal cruelty in a single strike. Gif 2: Danno tries to smash the sh!t and RachHell’s lawyer out of his cell. This is the last epi in which he drives. #forreasons

Sharks and Such Scenic Spots (Play Jaws!)

Pic 1: Seals love the sea, and so does McSeal, who loves everything anyway. Pic 2: Epic hairstyles don’t like the sea, and neither does Danno, who loves nothing anyway. Danno thinks: My hair just died a little. McG thinks: Nope, Danno, your eyebrow job is nowhere near as effective as mine. Methinks: If they fall overboard, they’ll have to lose the wet clothes, right?

Of Mice Chicks and Men *Yummy*

Gif 1: Danno forgets all about Monkeys when Chicks are in view. McG remembers: “Why pass when you can run,” and accelerates instead of passing to Danno. Gif 2: McG leaves Danno alone for 3 minutes, during which Danno discovers the pleasures of being undercover. And so does Kono. Hopefully, coz otherwise it would be a waste of a good kiss.

Bad A$$ Chin (BAMFFFFFF!!)

Chin has a weird family who ostracises him. I also have a weird family and I wish they ostracised me. Pic 1: Chin confronts his relative, who refuses to confront him. The relative’s spite is so intense that is turns the Blue Room to green. See? Pic 2: Chin pulls out his big gun and saves said relative’s a$$. The relative doesn’t say thanks coz he doesn’t speak to Chin. Weird family, like I say.


4 thoughts on “Post of the Week: H50h 1.03 Animated (Mostly)

  1. Oops, danny and kono had it going rather dashingly! I wonder if they sometimes laugh about this after all these years or if it was strictly business! (I bet she wished it was steve 😉 – i would, hey danny no offence, i’d take you too but steve first!)


  2. And yeah, the kiss is good and sexy, indeed! S**t and again i wish it was steve! One more kiss scene with steve we would have!!


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