Post of the Week: H50h 1.04 Animated (Mostly)

This is the spot where each week or two, I’ll bring back favourite posts from the archives. We’re continuing in the H50h S1 animated series.

There was literally a breathtaking plot in this epi. In its exposition, Danno took off his pants! At its climax, Steve took off his shirt! Other, less interesting stuff also happened.

Pantsless Danno

Danno perches on top of the examination table like a 5yr old on top of a grown-up’s chair. He pats his knee, dangles his legs, waves his arms and says: “You’re not getting it, doc, that guy is like a physical injury! I.WAS.TORTURED!!” Doc issues him a preliminary death certificate on patient’s demand 🙄 .

Shirtless Steve

Taryn Manning (as McSister Mary) proves to be the best stuntwoman EVER. She contrives to convince the audience that she’s not only unmoved but even positively bored while McG-Spot is undressing next to her. Not giving Taryn an EMMY for this stunt is an EPIC FAIL!

Pancakes and Napalm in the Morning

Danno is the “Pancakes-in-the-Morning” kind of man. Steve is that too, but even more the “Napalm-in-the-Morning” kind. Starting the day with pancakes, then a helicopter ride and finishing off with a jungle hike is what makes everyone happy 😀 .

A Cute College Boy in Sunglasses

Cat blames Steve for acting like a cute college boy who knows how cute he is and won’t take no for an answer. Will anyone pls rationally explain to me why a handsome manly masculine man taking off his sunglasses  in a car is such a turn-on 😎 ? Thank you.

Awkwardchickflickmoment McGarretts

Two more extremely demanding stunts for Taryn Manning, an actress with the best self-restraint EVER.  Gif #1 shows her dressing Steve, totally against all her natural instincts, which must scream ALL CAPS: “NOOO!! UNDRESS HIM!!” Gif #2 shows her smiling ever so innocently when Steve offers her his packed lunch. And I don’t mean the one he’s carrying in the bag 😛 .


10 thoughts on “Post of the Week: H50h 1.04 Animated (Mostly)

  1. We could use more of Mary, and undressing Steve. There was some tension there, more than McRoll has had this season. Or we are twisted in the head 😉


    1. She turns her head away right when it gets interesting, i wonder how many times they had to “role” because she couldn’t get her eyes off him!!! Poor mary anne, so close, but so far 😉


  2. Is the light playing tricks on me or can we see some white undies there, you know what, i just keep on looking very closely, for hours, mcg undressing for hours, wouldn’t leave me bored, nope nope!!!!


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