Post of the Week: H50h 1.05 Animated (Mostly)

This is the spot where each week or two, I’ll bring back favourite posts from the archives. We’re continuing in the H50h S1 animated series.

In the beginning, there was McRoll in bed. In the end, there was McRoll on the beach. I can neither confirm nor deny that there was anything in between. Sorry. I was distracted.

A Vibrating Beginning

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Michelle Borth has the best job in the world. As a person who gets to cuddle with half-nekkid Alex O’Loughlin and gets paid for it, she will never not be my hero 😎 .

Barry White in a Bar

Danno is in the process of solving the case of McG’s mysterious smile. The detective that he is, he discovers that last night, McG removed a female fellow-officer’s pants to the accompaniment of Barry White 😛 .

Mr and Ms Pac-Man

Steve leaves Danno alone with surveillance equipment and is off to a game of a$$mashing. Danno’s ooohh-face means either that he disapproves of a$$mashing or that he just got a game over in Ms Pac-Man 😯 .

Remote Control Issues

Control issues are clearly hereditary in the McGarrett family. That’s why McBro launches himself at perps’ heads to get them under control while McSis beats the cr@p out of remote controls on the regular 😡 .

A Happy Ending

The cameraperson has issues. Moving the camera from a couple kissing to the sun setting is about as exciting as old überpolite movies showing a couple kissing and then a hand switching off the bedside table lamp 🙄 .


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